Change of Company Address

Many people invest their valuable time, money and most important feelings to establish their company’s registered office. But due to unavoidable circumstances, company plans to settle their registered office to new address. Would it create any legal hassle to company if they sift their registered office to new address ?? Not at all. Law permits such type of change of place to any company. Register office of any company acts as a place for communication for all the official correspondences sent by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). It is the place from where directors, shareholders and investors regulate all the operations of the company. Thus as per Companies Act, 2013, every company must submit their valid registered office address proofs timely to respective Registrar and keep them updated regarding company’s official address.

To change address of the company, a special resolution need to be passed by Company Law Board and same must be communicated to the Registrar within 30 days of the change. As per rules, it is also mandatory for company to publish advertisement about change of address in news paper having maximum local reach. If company plans to shift their office to another state, they must inform respective State Government over their change of address.

Possible Ways for Changing your Office Address

Following are the possible legal solutions to change your office address to new place

  • Any company may change their office address from one place to another place within the same city, town or village
  • Any company may change their office address outside of the city, town or village but within the same state under the jurisdiction of the same ROC.
  • Any company may change their office address within the same state but under the jurisdiction of another ROC within the same state.
  • Any company may change their office address from one state to another state.

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