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One of the legal processes of protecting your intellectual property is trademark registration by which a company can protect a word or symbol used for their business. Trademark Registrar is responsible for process of trademark registration, processing the application, issue of an Examination Report and objecting trademark registration if found infringing other trademarks. Trademark Objection Report prepared by Trademark Registrar conceals the ground, reasons and facts behind the trademark objection.

If your trademark is objected by Trademark Registrar, then you must file a reply to trademark objection else your application would be abandoned. Replying to trademark objection is an opportunity for applicant to submit a written reply. Applicant’s reply must contain reasons, facts and evidences proving that why there trademark is unique and not infringes any other trademark as per Trademark Act, 1999. If Trademark Registrar finds your reply to be satisfactory, permission is granted to publish your application in trademark journal prior to registration.

If you failed to file a reply to trademark objection report within 30 days from the dispatch of the report, your trademark application would be rejected by Trademark Registrar.

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