Let us Understand DIR-3 KYC

A unique identification number is allotted to every director or person who proposed to be director by MCA and is known as Director Identification Number (DIN). As a part of updating MCA’s registry, all directors having valid DIN must submit their KYC details annually in eForm DIR-3-KYC. All directors must file their DIN KYC annually before 30th April.

Penalty for not Filing DIR3 DIN KYC

Following are the various consequences if any director failed to file their DIR 3 DIN KYC with MCA

  • If any director or company failed to file DIN KYC, Din of the respective director would be marked as ‘Deactivated’ and penalty of Rs. 5000 would be charged.
  • Company / LLP whose director fails to file DIR 3 DIN KYC cannot file ROC annual returns and as a result of this, your company/LLP may be strike off by MCA.
  • Any company / LLP cannot be operated by director having non-active DIN.
  • Authenticity of any director having deactivated DIN remains at risk while raising a fund.

Documents Required for DIR 3 KYC Filing

Following documents are must while filing DIR 2 KYC details

  • Digital Signature of the Director
  • Bank Statement / Utility Bill
  • Aadhar Card of Director
  • Pan Card of Director
  • Email Id & Mobile Number of Director
  • Passport of Director (If Available)

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