Let’s Understand What is Term Insurance

As words suggest, Term means period, stage or no. of years you remain alive and insurance means protection thus life insurance product which offers financial coverage to the insurer for specific time period is known as Term Insurance. Under all life insurance products, term insurance seems to provide highest coverage at lowest premiums. Let your family live that dream life you desired for them even after your death.

Term Insurance Benefits by Matriye

Are you looking for affordable insurance plans providing full protection and financial freedom to your dear ones? With deep knowledge of our citizen’s need, we have plenty of term insurance plans and policies in India to choose from.

Benefits of our term insurance plans are as follows:

  • In case of sudden death, good lumpsum amount is provided.
  • Takes care of your family by providing sufficient money to them at every stage of life
  • In case of your disability or critical illness, we will take care of your financial responsibilities
  • If you lose your income source due to accidental disability or illness, your term plan will provide you supplementary income to take care of your day to day activities.
  • In case of accidental death, we provide additional sum over your term policy cover.

What are you waiting for? Give you life and family a secured cover at nominal cost

How to Choose Best Term Insurance Plan

Based on your annual income and your financial obligations, you must first decide life insurance amount you need. Our experts will help you to calculate that term insurance value so that it will cover your family’s living expenses.

Many reputed companies are providing term insurance plans almost with same benefits still you need to compare them to select the best. Compare the term insurance products using main factors like maximum coverage, premium duration, company history, claims settlement ratio etc.

To wider your coverage risk and to provide better financial freedom to your family, it’s worth to attach riders which covers accidents and critical illness. Many such riders come at affordable premium. Take these extra efforts of calculation and comparison to select best term insurance plans securing your family future effectively.

Married Women’s Property Act

Due to increasing ‘Rat Race’ culture many youngsters are working 15 – 18 hours a day leading to loss of their precious life. Thus if any person buys a life insurance policy under Married Womens Property Act, 1874 (MWPA) for the benefit of his wife and children, the sum assured will be their property and cannot be claimed by lender nor considered as business asset.

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