What do you understand by the term 'One Person Company'?

Do you wish to start your business alone? Are you looking for exact legal solution to register your business? Relax! One Person Company is perfect solution for all your worries. Company registered with only 1 director and 1 nominee under Section 2(62) of the Company’s Act, 2013 is considered as One Person Company

Many entrepreneurs face hurdles of registering their business as Public Limited or Private Limited as they are unable to fulfill all the criteria’s set by the law and thus they shut their ideas of establishing a business. Amendments in Companies Act 2013 and initiative by Government have opened the new door of opportunities of doing a business on alone for those entrepreneurs. Registering a One Person company is very easy as it requires very less documents and is also cost effective.

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What are the basic requirements to Register a 'One Person Company'?

Choose Unique Name
Choosing a unique name is must to register your company which is not matching with already registered companies or trademark.

Zero Capital Requirement
There are no limits set by the rule for minimum capital requirement while registering a One Person Company. Thus without any initial investment, you can start your dream business.

Needs Only 1 Persons and 1 Nominee
To start your business as One Person Company, only 1 person as director or shareholder and 1 nominee is enough.

Process of One Company Registration
  • Choose your company name and submit basic documents
  • Apply for Digital signature (DSC)
  • Submit all legal documents
  • File your documents with ROC
  • Finalize MOA / AOA
  • Receive Certificate of Incorporation and start your business.

  • 6500*
    Professional fees

Advantages of One Company Registration

Single director or shareholder has access of maximum of their investment only as One person company is also protected by limited liability laws

One person company is considered as separate legal entity and thus assets and liabilities are kept separate from that of company’s assets and liabilities.

Annual audit is not mandatory for One Person Company and it is also exempted from much other compliance as compared to other company formats.

One person company has more credibility as all the details like name, date of incorporation, status of company, address etc. are made available to the public. It makes easy for OPC to generate funds by seeking the attention of potential investors and venture capitalists.

One Person Company can be easily transferred as Public Limited Company or Private Limited Company.

Death or non-existence of any partner will not lead to closure of OPC as OPC is legal and separate entity and has its own existence.

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