What is Health Insurance Policy?

Medical and surgical expenses are increasing at higher rate day by day. Anyone can face a medical emergency uncertainly and thus making arrangements in a short time becomes very difficult. Heath insurance is must and ideal solution to such financial crisis. It covers insurer’s hospitalization and other medical expenses. It offers many benefits like pre and post hospitalization expenses, expenses for organ donations, critical illness, ambulance cover and many more. Many companies offer cashless facility at their network hospitals to lower the burden of making last minute cash arrangements.

Inclusions and Exclusions by Health Insurance Policy

Before buying any health insurance policy, consider the inclusions and exclusions provided. Most of the policies offer following inclusions and exclusions:


  • Hospitalization Expenses
  • Ambulance Charges
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Pre and Post hospitalization expenses
  • Full body check-ups


  • No expenses paid if maternity rider is not added-on
  • Injuries as a result of suicide attempt / terrorism / war
  • AIDS and other disease of similar nature
  • Plastic surgery
  • Sex change treatments

Note: Inclusions and exclusions vary as per policy plans.

Why Health Insurance Policy is must today?

Medical emergencies proved to be toughest challenge to manage the high expenses if one is not covered by health insurance. A person or entire family can suffer for years to cover those treatment expenses, thus health insurance is must to be ready for such critical situations.

Your earning and expenses will not left too much to bear those expensive medical treatments if you felt ill. Thus health insurance reimburses your hospitalization costs and other medical expenses keeping your hard earned savings safe.

For any reason, if you or your family is hospitalized, you need to pay huge bill if not covered by any health insurance policy (just a one day hospitalization also costs 10000+ today). To clear those bills and also for post treatment expenses, you unfortunately need to make premature exit from your investments. But, health insurance will take care of reimbursement of those heavy bills allowing you to continue your track of investment as it is.

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