Let us understand ROC Compliances for LLP

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) regulates each LLP registered to respective Registrar under Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. Registrar of Companies (ROC) is responsible for ensuring the fulfillment of statutory requirements by every LLP and if they found any company missed to file their compliances on time, they would charge those companies with heavy penalties or even strike off the LLP or block DINs of the Directors. Thus filing your statutory compliances on time protects you from these penalties and also reflects good track record helping you to avail benefits offered by government other NBFCs.

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Compulsory ROC Compliances for LLP

All LLP companies have to file following compliances compulsorily every year, failing of which may cost you heavy penalties.

Filing Form 11
It is mandatory for every LLP to disclose the information of all partners by filing form 11 or annual return. Every LLP must file their form 11 every year to the respective registrar on or before 30th May. If any LLP failed to file form 11 within a stipulated time, registrar will charge fine of Rs. 100 per day for non filing.

Filing Form 8
It is also mandatory for every LLP to conduct statutory audit every year if their annual turnover exceeds Rs. 40 Lakhs or contribution exceeds Rs. 25 Lakhs. Form 8 must be used for filing information regarding Books of Accounts and Statement of Solvency. Form 8 must be filed every year on or before 3oth October to respective Registrar. If any LLP failed to file form 8 within a stipulated time, registrar will charge fine of Rs. 100 per day for non filing.

Filing Tax Return
It is also mandatory for every LLP to file income tax return every year before 31st July using form ITR-5.

Filing GST Return
It is also mandatory for every LLP to file GST return before 15th or 20th day of every month

Statutory Registers and Records
Various activities related to sales, marketing, purchase, tender, administration, board meetings etc. happens in a company and company must maintain information of all those things in registers. Thus it is also mandatory for every LLP to maintain registers like Register of Member, Register of Contracts, Register of Directors, Register of Charges etc.

Event Based ROC Compliances for LLP

Official Signature
Every LLP must obtain official signature which acts as a common seal whenever company wish to open a bank account or apply for PAN. This seal or signature is used to stamp all important documents of the company.

Company Stationery
Every LLP once registered successfully must prepare their company stationery material like bill book, invoices, registers, letterhead, official documents etc. with their company name and address of their register office.

Current Bank Account
Every LLP must have a current bank account in its name to operate the flow of inward and outward transactions.

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