What do you understand by the term 'Copyright Registration'?

Does creation is heart of your work? Do you know how to add extra layer of protection to your hard created work? Copyright registration is a legal way to protect your creative work form infringement. Creativity plays vital role in development of the society and better encouragement to it will lead to overall development of nation. Copyright registration guards creative work done by many individuals like designers, writers, dramatists, artists, musicians, film producers and software developers also.

Copyright Registration Act 1957 takes care of all legal protections to your creative work. This act offers various rights to creator like right of reproduction, right of communication to public, right of translation and many such rights. As like Trademarks and Patents, copyright is also considered as part of intellectual property. The sole owner of the creative work is allowed to use or reproduce or grant permission to other to use their work. Creative work like books, scripts, software, music, photographs, movies etc, can be registered for copyright process.

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What are the basic requirements for Copyright Registration?

Applicant's Basic Details
To start application process, applicant’s basic details like name, address and nationality of are needed. In case of partnership firm, details of all partners are necessary.

Creative work in Soft Copy Format
Store your work in JPEG, JPG or GIF format prior to your copyright application. For copyrighting computer programs, they must be presented in 4CD or DVD format.

Be ready with Trademark Certificate
If your wish to copyright your artistic work, then applicant needs to collect clear copyright search certificate from trademark office.

Applicant's Power of Attorney
Applicant’s power of attorney is must if he/she applying through a legal firm or advocate.

Steps of Copyright Registration Process

  • Provides your basic documents as per KYC policies.
  • Once your application is processes, create a diary number.
  • On approval by the respective authority, you work is copyrighted.

  • 5500*
    Professional fees

Advantages of Copyright Registration

If your creativity is registered under the trademark act, you can issue legal notice to those who tried copying your brand name / logo for their commercial purpose without your prior confirmation

Proof of ownership is needed to file a case or prove your ownership over the respective creative work. Copyright registration is considered as proof of ownership and thus you show the world that you are the original creator.

Copyright registered in India has the same rights and policies all over the world and vice versa.

If you have the ownership rights over your copyrighted material / work, then only you can reproduce it for your commercial purpose. Anyone else needs your prior permission for reproduction else you can file a complaint against them as per law

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