What do you understand by the term 'Trademark Registration'?

Trademark registration is process of registering and protecting your creativity so that other cannot copy or use it with prior permission of the original creator. Trademark helps you increase your creditability and trust amongst your potential buyer. Registering a company is not enough to protect your brand name or logo, to protect it your must undergo trademark registration. Unique creations like logo, design, shape, combination of colors, combination of different shapes, goods, etc. can be trademarked. Trademark is registered with Trademark Act, 1999 and it is considered as intellectual property. Many cases sowing activities of infringing a company logo or name impacting a real ROI company has been observed and thus registering a trademark is a great way to keep your ROI growing irrespective of such incidents.

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What are the basic requirements for Trademark Registration?

Applicant's Basic Details
To start application process, applicant’s basic details like name, address and nationality of are needed. In case of partnership firm, details of all partners are necessary.

What to Register?
Applicant needs to decide what he/she wants to register, whether it’s a product or service or logo or brand name or anything else. Classes are defined by the act and thus applicant also needs to choose a class suiting perfectly to their creativity type.

Use English Words
Only English alphabets are permitted by the law in your creativity, so if your creation has non-English words, then first convert them to English words and start application process.

Applicant's Power of Attorney
Applicant’s power of attorney is must if he/she applying through a legal firm or advocate.

Steps of Trademark Registration Process

  • Start filling details as per KYC documents
  • Once application is submitted, trademark availability needs to searched
  • If your creation is unique and trademark is available, TM is applied to your creation

  • 1800*
    Professional fees

Advantages of Trademark Registration

If your creativity is registered under the trademark act, you can issue legal notice to those who tried copying your brand name / logo for their commercial purpose without your prior confirmation

Today’s generation is true brand follower and thus they identify and buy only genuine products or services. Trademark registration gives you chance to stand out from the crowd and let your buyers identify you as a brand and continue their buying behavior impacting your ROI positively.

Online channels have shown great growth in the selling figures of unique products. Trademark gives unique identity to your products helping you sell effectively on multi millionaire online channels.

Trademark registered in India has the same rights and policies all over the world and vice versa

You can sell, reproduce or franchise your trademark to benefit your company commercially.

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