What is Travel Insurance Policy?

Insurance which covers all types of risks while you are travelling to domestic or abroad destinations is known as Travel Insurance. No one predict the unexpected risks or losses but everyone can remain ready for such stressful situations using travel insurance policies. Guard your loved once even when you are with them or not and let them enjoy and experience the new thrill. Everyday people travel with variety of reasons and thus various types of travel insurance exists like Domestic Travel Insurance, International Travel Insurance, Student Travel Insurance, Medical Travel Insurance, Family Travel Insurance etc.

Inclusions and Exclusions by Travel Insurance Policy

Before buying any travel insurance policy, consider the inclusions and exclusions provided. Most of the policies offer following inclusions and exclusions:


  • Accidental death benefit
  • Baggage Loss.
  • Loss of Important Documents
  • Hospital Expenses
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Flight Delays or Cancellation


  • No claim for expenses as a result of alcoholism or drugs
  • No claims for travel against doctors advice or suicide
  • Any emergencies caused as result of adventure sports
  • No claims for medical treatments like AIDS/SPA/Homeopathic etc.
  • No claims for expenses due to civil war / terrorism

Benefits of Travel Insurance Policy

Most of the times when you travel abroad, you experience a delay or cancellation of flight due to any reason. A travel policy will take care of your ticket expenses and will compensate you over such issues.

Due to change in climate or geographical conditions, one may suffer with medical problems while on trip. Your health is more important than expenses so you spend lot of money to get you back home healthily. Travel insurance will support you economically by taking care of all those medical expenses.

Many of the tourist face biggest common problem is of stolen luggage. All your documents, clothes, expensive materials will lose and it is hard to recover them. Travel insurance will surely offer you a great support in such stressful situation by providing reimbursement to those lost things.

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