Let us Understand 'Selling of Trademark'

Do you sell your vehicle easily ?? Do you sell your house easily ?? Yes ! Of Course. Do you know that you can also sell your trademark as easily as you sell your property ? In a legal language, trademark selling is also known as Trademark Assignment or Trademark Transfer. Selling of trademark would not affect your company operations or its legal existence. As per rules, trademark registration is valid for 10 years and thus after every 10 years applicant has to submit trademark renewal application if he/she wish to protect his creativity by legal framework. Trademark is intellectual property and thus owner can transfer it till its validity.

How to Sell / Transfer a Trademark?

Prepare Assignment Deed
As we prepare an agreement while selling a car or property, in the same manner seller must prepare an assignment deed to transfer or sell the trademark keeping in mind all the rules set by Trademark Act, 1999.

Register Assignment Deed
Once your assignment deed is finalized, register it with trademark registry to update the new owner of the existing trademark in the Trademark Registry.

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Advantages of Selling a Trademark

When you finalize to sell your registered trademark, you will receive many bids and though all these bids you can easily identify current value of your brand which is in existence only by means of paper. It will also benefit buyer or assignee by identifying brand value so that they can enter with well established brand instead of building a new brand.

If any dispute arises while selling a trademark or after selling a trademark, selling deed made between the two parties would act a legal proof to identify the owner.

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