What do you understand by the Trademark Registration?

As per rules, trademark registration is valid for 10 years and thus after every 10 years applicant has to submit trademark renewal application if he/she wish to protect his creativity by legal framework. You or your company will receive prior notice from the registrar reminding you about your renewal. Many times it has been observed that companies forgot to renew their trademark as person responsible for those renewals has left or shifted to another positions. Registered office having all the records of trademarks sends reminder notice to respective company 6 months before the trademark expiration. To avoid those last minute hassles, let us take responsibility of renewing and maintaining records of your trademark registrations. Contact us Now!

How to Renew Trademark

Process of Private Limited Company Registration
  • Apply with Change – for any change in your existing trademark
  • Apply without Change – to continue your trademark as it is

What to do if you forget to Renew your Trademark?

Many circumstances exists that keeps you away from renewing your trademark before it expires. What will happen in such case? Do you need to follow the same lengthy trademark registration process again? NO ! A simple restoration process as per section 25(4) of the Trademark Act, 1999 will help you renew your trademark. Just apply for restoration process and submit the application form with prescribed fee. Restoration is valid only till one year of your trademark expiration date.

Registrar has rights whether to accept or reject your restorations if any third party has filed an objection over your trademark renewal. If no objection is filed by any third party, then registrar proceeds your application further and finally you keep your TM sign with your creativity again for next 10 years.

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