Kumar Sanjeev

- M.B.A. (Senior Project Head)

Sanjeev is one of the main pillars of the Matriye Group as he is one of the founders of Matriye Group. His visionary strategies lead the company from company of just few peoples to company like full grown tree. He believes every individual and business should never stop their growing journey just due to lack of financial resources. Armed with MBA degree from Pune University, he has more than 11 years of experience in FMGC, E-Commerce, Govt. Projects and Financial Market.

Sushma Chettri

- M.B.A. (Senior Financial Officer)

Sushma heads financial strategies at Matriye Group. She spent more than 11 years as a financial strategist turning many businesses into highly profitable one. She loves designing customize financial solutions based on her knowledge and current industry insights.

Rajeev Patil

(Senior Technical support engineer.)

Rajeev has deep technical know-how and worked for many complex applications in the field of Core Banking, Marketing and Sales. He has keen interest in designing innovative and simple user interfaces especially build for financial operations. He loves to advise people with their apps, technologies and use of technologies for particular product. He handled many retail bank branches successfully as Senior Support Engineer at HDFC.

Rajkumar Sanghvi

- MBA : MARKETING AND INSURANCE (Senior Product Manager.)

The art of convincing and marketing is secret of Rajkumar's work. For over 6 years, he has honed his marketing passion in the field of Hospitality, Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Combined with skill of training and development, he creates proven marketing strategies to reflect financial growth.

Ragini Mishra

- MBA MARKETING AND SALES (Corporate Sales Manager.)

Serving Customers as God is the heart of Ragini’s work. Within span of just 2 years she impressed customer management wing of Matriye Capital making it smoother for marketing and sales department to run their operations. She learned that great customer serving skills during her various roles at ICICI Bank, kotak Securities and SBI Credit Card.

Kajal Malhotra

- B.TECH IN MECHANICAL (Senior Sales Manager)

A real technocrat of 21st century, Kajal is more inclined towards technical developments happening inside the various financial projects. She just has few years of experience but her willing to learn more attitude given her opportunity to work for prestigious clients as a part of Matriye’s Financial Support Team.

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